Idle Robots

Idle Robots

Please enjoy playing Idle Robots. How about the idea of creating your own robot from scratch? a methodical construction process using only materials of the greatest caliber. Well, the likelihood of it happening now is greater than it has ever been. "Idle Robot," a video game, contains many technological components. This collection includes well-known robots including the T 800, R2D2, D.O.G., ARM, and others. Construct them piece by piece to gain access to increasingly potent robots. If you're a new player, simply adhere to the in-game instructions and assemble the robot's components in the proper sequence to complete the programming. If you are new player, follow the instruction to play!

How to play

Create robots, purchase robot parts, and upgrade robots are the game's objectives.

Use the left mouse button to click on things to control a computer.

Control using a mobile device by tapping the necessary areas of the screen.

Idle Robots
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