Mergest Kingdom

Mergest Kingdom

Welcome to the Mergest Kingdom! Help the king build his empire by expanding his army, building new buildings, and growing more materials. When you help the king complete a quest, you will get something as a reward for the effort and above all, when you have collected enough elements to expand the land, you will be able to grow kingdom for the king. Note that you also need to help the king defeat the surrounding enemies, so keep increasing the number of soldiers. If you still don't understand something, follow the instructions displayed on the screen and instructions on how to play below. Have fun

How to play

Do you mind helping the king get back into his body by merging the 3 helmets? After the Kig appear, you can also merge the sprouts to grow pineapples to feed the King. 

Press on the pineapples to harvest it

After ordering some food, a lad will appear and he may help you to fight

Help the Ginger Beard to escape from the evil spirits and he will answer all the King's questions

Mergest Kingdom
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