Mini Monkey Mart

Mini Monkey Mart

To fulfill Monkey's need for a grocery store, Mini Monkey Mart was established. Launch your mini-sales market's of bananas and chicken eggs straight now. Obviously, you should start growing bananas first, collect ripe bananas, and then spread them out on the counter. Customers are starting to enter this area. The chicken eggs you fed bananas to should be gathered and placed on the counter. After that, you may expand your little shop by opening up other spaces and selling more items to generate more revenue. Start selling canned goods like milk, flour, bread, and banana puree with the money you save. As the supermarket grows and the number of clients slowly rises, you will need to hire a few extra people to help you manage. Good luck!

How to play

Movement: Mouse LEFT CLICK.

Control your monkey with the mouse.

Start the game by growing bananas.

Buy new products and stalls with the money you have saved.

Mini Monkey Mart
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