Poop Clicker 3

Poop Clicker 3

Poop Clicker 3 is a thrilling clicker game from the Poop Clicker series. Your objective in the game is to explore the upgrade levels by clicking on the poop icon and utilizing it to buy things.

The goal of the game is rather simple: click on the massive mound of feces in the center of the screen to get points and advance in skill levels. Have patient even though the rewards aren't great at initially and your skill level isn't very high. Poop needs to be clicked as rapidly as you can to increase the required amount.

Despite the fact that there are numerous clicker games on the internet, Poop Clicker is still well-known because of its unique qualities. Poop Clicker 3 offers a lot of improvements and modifications, but it also has some brand-new elements and attractions. You won't have to worry about losing connection because the game session on our website is automatically saved.

Each upgrade increases an item's price exponentially, making it 15% more expensive than the most current piece of property of its kind.

How to play

Click the giant poop to play

Poop Clicker 3
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