Power Ball

Power Ball

The entire energy system is under jeopardy. Control the Power Ball, collect energy points, and charge the portal in the space between them all. Enemy energy is attempting to derail your progress. A number of different discharges can be used to safeguard the Power Ball. Once the gate is charged, you will receive points that may be used to upgrade the gate, unlock it, and increase additional protection functions. The charging status of the Power Ball is indicated by the yellow line below. Provides the first line of defense in terms of defensive discharge. Have a good time.

How to play

Click on the place where the Power Ball is to be moved.

Defensive discharges and charging of the port are performed by a single red button at the bottom right.

You can access the unlocked port auxiliary functions with the three buttons on the left.

If you're playing on a computer, you can press the space bar instead of clicking the red button.

Auxiliary port functions then in the game release keys 1, 2, 3 (not on numpad).

The yellow and blue lines show the state of energy and discharges.

Power Ball
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