Raid Heroes: Total War

Raid Heroes: Total War

Once again, the kingdom is in danger in Raid Heroes: Total War! The appearance of the Dark Lord's army on the outskirts of the battlefield spells the end of the conflict.

  • Form the best possible squad of heroes.
  • Examine, improve, and recast artifacts.
  • Make a stronghold for your community and defend it against invaders.
  • Engage in siege warfare against opposing players' strongholds.
  • Take part in PvP battles against other players' teams to prove your worth and become the best!
  • Total War calls for a united front of clans.

The brand new free castle game Raid Heroes: Total War will provide you amazing feelings during the game's intense battles. You can put on an impressive show of leadership and strategy while portraying a real-life landlord or military general. An excellent mashup of RPG, strategy, idle hero, and auto-battle games! Rather of sitting back and reading about courageous conflicts, join in on the action! You want to get in on this action! I hope you win all your battles.

How to play

Click on the fight button to play

Deploy the hero to the right position

The position of the heroes can determine the outcome of the battle

Collect hero cards to recruit and level up new heroes

Raid Heroes: Total War
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