Real Construction Excavator Simulator

Real Construction Excavator Simulator

You may experience a day in the life of a truck driver by playing the truck driving simulation video game Real Construction Excavator Simulator. In this online game, you will be required to drive through some of the most challenging terrain you have ever faced. The main objective of the game is to transport building supplies to construction sites. For this task, you will need to be incredibly focused and have superb driving skills because even a small mistake might send your shipment plummeting. You'll need to operate an excavator in order to load your vehicle. Even though this task could be challenging, if you have the right abilities, you can finish it perfectly. You must drive to the construction site with your truck fully loaded, then gently unload the products into the designated area. Complete the tasks in each level as quickly as you can to receive tempting rewards.

How to play

Truck: WASD/Arrow keys - Drive Mouse - Control the camera Space- Handbrake E - Dump F - Switch between vehicles

Excavator: F - Switch between vehicles Mouse - Control the camera E - Switch between driving and excavating

Drive Mode: WASD/Arrow keys - Drive X/C- Bucket arm V/B- Bucket tilt

Dig Mode: Left/Right arrow- Swing Up/Down arrow keys- Move Hold V to open the bucket

Real Construction Excavator Simulator
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