Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle is a fighting game that requires players to have skill and speed, each time you win, you will open a new door. You just need to stay still and the enemies will come to you, all you have to do is eleminating them with your flexible skills and reflex. Control your character to beat all enemies come close to you. Moreover, the suitable weapon will show up randomly to help you in a specific time. After a level, you can upgrade your character with fantastic equipments. Let's play to find out!

How to play

⇒ You have to play the stickman to survive?

This game requires agility and speed so that you have to fight with weapons such as swords, clubs, sticks ... combined with kicks, punches to eliminate opponents. Not only that, you also have to calculate the right moment to avoid enemy attacks. 

You can unlock all the weapons by passing through the gates and receiving money

Each weapon has its advantage, you should use it to win

Are you ready?

 Use left and right arrow keys to fight.

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle
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